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Your virtual marketing department at your service. Whether you’re a small start up company or a large corporation, we can customize a labor solution to fit your needs. You focus on your business, we focus on your marketing. 

Marketing provides the foundation for which brings life to your brand. It’s your bread and butter and it must attract and engage customers to effectively build brand loyalty. HBD provides a fresh, creative perspective and our wide range of strategic, creative production services are designed to grow your business. Our cost effective virtual marketing department service plans can be integrated as a turnkey, all-inclusive growth strategy, or on as needed basis that meets your specific business marketing objectives. Our intention is to build mutually beneficial business alliances with our clients that allows them to focus on their business while we manage their marketing.

Save Thousands In HR Labor Costs
Worry Free Virtual Marketing
100% Tax Write Off
No Employee Benefit Responsibilities
No Employee Performance Negligence

Firm Fixed Marketing Benefits:

  • Firm fixed Virtual Marketing Department service plans provide clients access to all of HBD services.
  • Tailored to individual business goals – plans can start from just a few hours per month to dedicated engagement.
  • Sliding labor scale, the more you need the more you save – labor rates go down as monthly labor commitment goes up.
  • Carry over & overage – Hours can be carried over or borrowed from future months (HBD will monitor usage and make recommendations that will better meet clients needs).
  • Guaranteed locked-in labor rates – Overages are only charged once the hours of the terms of service are used and but are billed at a discount rate.
  • Proactively turnkey management – HBD will develop a marketing strategy and implement/manage on behalf of the clients. (Allows clients to focus on their business.)
  • Client management – Clients decide how they want to disperse their hours – perfect for as-needed projects or marketing projects that have more importance.
  • New company start-ups – contact us to learn how you can combine multiple marketing efforts like corporate identity , website, SEO, marketing strategy, etc… all into one firm fixed monthly service plan.

On Demand Marketing Benefits:

  • HBD On-Demand Virtual Marketing Department on an as-needed basis. See any of our service pages for more information or contact us to get a no obligation quote.
  • HBD provides the quality you would expect from a large advertising agency but at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your a small start up, a large business or non profit, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your marketing is being managed by creative professionals that frees up your time to manage your business. HBD Virtual Marketing Department Benefits Include:

  • Cost Effective HR Labor Solutions – Save Thousands Each Year Hein ByDesign, an American owned and operated multi-specialized advertising and marketing management firm. Clients enjoy professional marketing services without the high price tag that comes from the high overhead of typical advertising agencies.
  • 100% Tax Write Off – No employer tax contributions
  • No Employee Benefit Responsibilities – Including retirement/profit sharing plans, Healthcare, Vacation or Sick Time.
  • Worry Free Marketing Performance – Enjoy piece of mind knowing that your marketing efforts are managed by professionals. HBD Mitigates employee performance negligence such as attendance or experience.

We can provide anything as simple as a logo design to a full turnkey strategic marking plan, and we can execute and manage that plan across multiple marketing touch points designed to reach your target audience and grow your business. Hein ByDesign Services Include:

  • All Inclusive Service Plans
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Package & Display Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Management
  • Copywriting
  • Video/Motion Graphics
  • Public Relations
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Printing Services

81%+ of marketers found that increased traffic occurred with as little as 6 hours per week invested in social media marketing. (Source: Social Media Examiner)
The takeaway: Social media marketing continues to help content marketers extend the reach and shareability of their content and campaigns. It may be time to consider how you can better participate on these channels and get the most out of the opportunities presented by mediums like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook (to name a few.)

70% of marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
The takeaway: plan on creating a higher volume of high-quality content from content teams. If you don’t have the bandwidth to produce more content in-house, then consider hiring a HBD professional communications team to support your efforts.

Mobile will account for 72% of US digital ad spend by 2019. (Source: eMarketer)
The takeaway: As mobile continue to rise, marketers are increasing their advertising budget accordingly, so it makes sense that more and more marketing teams are putting an intense focus on mobile ads. Ask us how we can incorporate mobile strategies into your marketing.

64% marketers outsource writing. (Source: TopRankBlog)
The takeaway: As marketers strive to publish long-form content more frequently, they’re often turning to outsourced support rather than piling more on the plates of their internal team. When it comes to writing, this can often be an advantage, as writers can be hired for their specialty or subject matter expertise.

Brands spend 25%-43% of their marketing budget on content, yet only 23% feel they are producing the right information for the right audience. (Source: Business2Community)
The takeaway: Strategy, benchmarks, and clear objectives are necessary for teams who want to see their content efforts pay off. Be sure you have proper metrics in place to ensure your content marketing is doing everything it should do.

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Innovative Virtual Marketing Department Solutions Designed To Move Your Business Forward

Today’s rapidly changing marketing environment requires a fresh approach that is in touch with todays digital culture. The digital touch points you use to reach your customers and the message you convey to convince them to purchase your product or service must work.

For over twenty years, Hein ByDesign and the HBD Communications Group has helped clients all across the US and abroad move their business forward by providing all-inclusive virtual marketing department and management services. We follow the same proven process of defining opportunities, quantifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix that gives your company or organization a competitive edge.

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The HBD Advantage starts with a clear understanding of our clients business goals and implementing a strategy that meets those goals.

Brett and the HBD team were great to work with.  They were professional, fast and we were blown away at what they were able to put together for us with just a few conversations.  I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a great custom website done well and done smoothly.

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