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A minute of video is worth a million words. Video can communicate more to your visitors than any static content can do – it’s works for you as a 24/7 sales force that never sleeps. It’s one of the easiest ways to break into social media marketing and is a valuable resource to drive traffic to your website or social media channel. But often we see businesses not taking advantage of video marketing because they don’t have the resources or 3rd party services prove to be expensive. Not at, our video production services are very cost effective. Often times we can produce a powerful video by combining sublime imagery, motion graphics special effects and audio to tell a memorable story about your company, product or service. Our goal is to captivate your audience and make video work for you to create more revenue, build your brand image, and ultimately moves your brand forward.

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  • Product Demo
  • Service Demo
  • Brand Image
  • Corporate Video Intro’s
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Employee Bio Videos
  • Infomercial/Commercial
  • Training/Education Videos
  • Video Infographics
  • Testimonial Video
  • Presentation Videos
  • Real Estate Videos


Website Service Video

Brand Image Video

Product Demo Video

Website Infomercial Video


If your looking to get video working for your business or organization then you’ve come to right company. and HBD Communications Group.  Did you know that there are billions of videos watched every day on YouTube alone? Imagine having your own video channel streaming your commercial to your website any time of the day or night. Then ask yourself; how much value might that be worth? Video is one of the best return on investments you can make. Video is probably the single best way to to get your message out to social networks like Facebook or YouTube. Over 50% of marketers claim video advertising will be their single biggest investment for the year. Simply put, video will do more for your visitors than any static content can do.

We provide a vast range of professional video production and creative special effects services so your video truly stands out. Our services include; storyline strategy, special effects, motion graphics, video intros/outros, voiceovers, title effects, music choreography, video distribution and management, website/social channel embedding, inbound link building, link baiting and more. We can create video introductions just using your logo and readily available clip art. We can edit your own video with professional transitions, audio voiceover and cinematic music. We can also shoot segments on location for unique product demos or services that can’t be duplicated with readily available content, but the point is that our video services are very affordable. What typically would cost thousands can be had for much less. Salt Lake City Utah and the HBD communications Group, Omaha Nebraska, serves customers all across the US and abroad. Not seeing what your looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Each video campaign brings significant value – combined with multiple campaigns they can exponentially increase our clients’ outreach.


HBD Communications Group provides brand development strategies and management services for various online media distribution.


Virtual marketing departments for any budget. On demand or on retainer, you focus on your business while we manage your brand.

This is how quality, affordable video gets done!