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Customized digital marketing strategies designed to fit individual business needs

Is Your Marketing Message Being Heard?

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Hein ByDesign marketing strategy starts with a clear understanding of our clients business goals and then developing a tailored marketing strategy designed to fit individual business needs.

Developing a marketing strategy begins with understanding how your customers perceive knowing who you are, where you fit in and how you differentiate from competitors. By sorting out who your audience actually is, and finding out what has meaning for them, we can develop and implement a focused marketing strategy that meets your target audience needs.

Hein By Design Marketing Strategy Process


Client Collaboration – A clear understanding of our clients business goals is the catalyst of the marketing strategy development process. Collaboration with our clients gives us an early impression of understanding your brand and aligning its interests and resources in away that like minded people can understand.

Marketing Research – Understanding how your customers perceive knowing who you are, where you fit in and how you differentiate from competitors. By sorting out who your audience actually is, and finding out what has meaning for them, we can start developing marketing ideas that are focused on meeting the needs of your target audience.

Idea Think Tank – By providing new creative perspectives, our focus is to innovate ways to translate communication problems into visual solutions. Our strengths lie in our belief that every customer interaction should be a brand building experience. We’ll explore many diverse marketing channels and develop creative ides that support the marketing research and fits within the clients goals.

Strategy Planning – After the marketing research and brainstorming has been compiled, Hein ByDesign winnows the list of ideas and outlines a cost-effective marketing strategy that supports the needs of the end user and is inline with the clients business goals. Once the strategy is defined it becomes your brands road map.

Marketing Design and Development – From concept to implementation, HBD collaborates every project with our in-house talented team of writers, artists, designers and public relations team. Our exceptional ability to communicate, manage and promote multi faceted initiatives in various channels of business has not only brought us esteemed recognition, but also built unfaltering relationships.

Implementation – HBD goes to great lengths to ensure a marketing strategy has the proper logistical support. Online marketing materials often require testing and coordinating with other parts such as a press release, photography or video, an email campaign, blog or creating a special landing page on your website.

Marketing Management – HBD brings every aspect of the digital marketing strategy process under one roof so that clients benefit from a single, integrated approach. This allows clients to focus on their business while we mange their marketing, and we measure our success on the awareness of each clients experience in achieving their marketing goals.

Marketing Strategy Designed To Move Your Business Forward.

Today’s rapidly changing marketing environment requires a fresh approach that is in touch with todays digital culture. The digital touch points you use to reach your customers and the message you convey to convince them to purchase your product or service must work.

For over twenty years, Hein ByDesign and the HBD Communications Group has helped clients all across the US and abroad move their business forward by developing successful marketing strategies and implementing them across various marketing channels. We follow the same proven process of defining opportunities, quantifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix that gives you a competitive advantage.

Having a marketing strategy is top priority. Contact us to get started.